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About us:

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Working with us is easy, the main goal we pursue in our work is to create individuality in symbiosis with our philosophy. We have fans working in our team and we approach the work with love. We also always find an opportunity to participate in various architectural competitions and keep abreast of the latest innovations in the field of design.

​Philipp Kitsenko was born in Belgorod, graduated from BSTU named After V. G. Shukhov in 2010 with a degree in architecture. In 2011, passed an internship at Nabito architects, Barcelona, Spain. In 2012, a design studio was founded and many projects in the field of design and architecture were successfully implemented in Moscow. Since 2014, the main work has been carried out in Moscow and the Moscow region. Member of the International Public Association «Union of Designers».
Most of the works are focused on the modern architecture, where everything is thought out to the smallest detail, and each new house has its own history and a reflection of its owners’ identity. The nuances of this identity are manifested due to the close interaction of the architect with the customer.

Filipp Kitsenko


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